#VinciamoPoi – Il video messaggio di Beppe Grillo

Bellissimo messaggio lanciato da Beppe Grillo dopo il risultato deludente delle Europee 2014



Un pensiero su “#VinciamoPoi – Il video messaggio di Beppe Grillo

  1. All the idealism of a much more uniiefd Europe probably has to give way to some emergency firefighting.Austerity in so many countries has brought about, unsurprisingly, the feared political backlash and instability.Yet we know that the pressures of threatened default and internal devaluation were bringing much needed competitive improvements, and more power at the Europe-wide level will, if it follows previous trends, reduce internal barriers to trade.Agreeing to a dual-currency for Europe in exchange for trade-enhancing powers (a concession by those who are against losing political control over local banks and economic rent-inducing local fifes in return for a competitive currency valuation) might be the best way to control the near political and economic future of Europe – not let it get out-of-hand like these Italian elections threaten to bring.Yes, it will mean Germany, and those countries similar in their competitiveness, will suffer, but it was “screwed” no matter what. A mass and disorderly breakdown of the single currency would bring, as The Economist thinks, an European depression. The other alternative, a financial backstop requiring Germany to share in the guarantee, at a minimum, of a uniiefd Eurozone banking system, deposit protection scheme, and rules and financing of insolvent banks is potentially very expensive and thus unacceptable to the German leaders.The current situation of unprecedented 30% internal devaluation targets (unofficially recognized as what is needed) in the face of ever-declining growth and missed national deficit targets, massive unemployment, and now political uncertainty isn’t going to work.The single currency with such, still unsuitable, divergent economies is still the main problem. Better to try to manage its split than have a uncontrollable, chaotic, and politically venomous dissolution.

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